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Top 10 Romantic Destinations in India

top 10 romantic destinations

Are you planning for your first romantic vacation? Then we have many choices for you. "For a perfect honeymoon, you need perfect destination" this is extremely true, The Romantic holiday's tour after the wedding is not just a mere vacation but also a very special time for newlyweds couple. When both can celebrate their newfound relationship and live special moments for a lifetime. This is the most exciting thing that every couple is waiting after getting married. Thus, it is the most important vacations of our life. Married life is something when two souls come together and make up a very strong and beautiful bond. They promise with each other to stay together either in the good or worst time. So, Honeymoon destination must be very special to make this time more special.
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Here we are a providing list for top 10 Romantic Destinations in India.

1. Goa -  Goa is one of the most favourite destinations of the honeymooners.  When anyone wants to plan a honeymoon then Goa is always the first choice which comes to our mind. Goa has much more to explore with your loved one with such a great experience. There are surely a lot of things to do here.

2. Andaman Islands -  Andaman is a group of Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is such a beautiful place to spend your romantic holidays with your loving partner. In Andaman, there are a lot of beaches, hilly mountains, lush greenery and much more. Andaman is the perfect choice for Honeymoon holidays. Book your customized honeymoon packages with us and make your vacations remarkable.

3. Udaipur -  Udaipur is famous as  "City of Lakes".  This city of Rajasthan is known for its elegant places, wonderful forts, and most beautiful lakes and that's why It's called City of lakes. Udaipur is one of the best romantic destinations. The weather is so romantic in this city. It is considered the extremely beautiful and romantic city of India. City Palace and Lake Palace are the two main key to the attraction of Udaipur City.

4. Srinagar -  Srinagar is one of the most famous destinations for honeymooners. The beauty of nature is one of the main keys of attraction. You feel in Srinagar like you are in heaven. It is the perfect choice to spend your quality times with your loving one and enjoy the most beautiful moments of your life. Let's give us a chance to make your romantic vacations more special.

5. Shimla -  It is such a perfect place to spend your romantic vacations in the most romantic city in our country. Shimla is the queen of hill stations. This is the favourite tourist spot for honeymooners. Thus it is an ideal destination to cuddle up with your loving partner amongst the snow-capped mountains and in green grassland. It is the best place to plan your romantic holidays and spend your special and quality time with the newfound relationship. 

6. Manali -  Manali is popularly known for as a backpacking centre and favourite honeymoon destination not only in our country but it is also famous outside the country. Manali is an ideal place to just be yours with your loving partner. Her you are surrounded by Snow-capped, greenery, hilly mountains and much more. Manali is the first choice for honeymooners. Here the weather is also one of the main key of attraction. 

7. Coorg -  Coorg is a picturesque hill town in the state of Karnataka. Coorg is one of the most visited tourist spots in Karnataka and is also known for the Kaveri River. It is the most demanding honeymoon destination in India. This is known for stunning waterfalls, Greenery, hilly mountains, and beautiful beaches. Find Beach vacation packages and book online.

8. Mussoorie -  Mussoorie is the town located in the state Uttarakhand. It is a very popular destination for honeymooners. Mussoorie is one of the most famous hill stations in India It is also known as "The Queen of Hills" is stunning silver waterfalls is very popular and attract millions of visitors annually. It is one of the most famous Honeymoon places in India.

9. Gulmar (Kashmir) - Jammu and Kashmir are also known as the "Paradise on the Earth" due to the beauty of nature and picturesque view. Kashmir is also well known for its past history. It is always in the news highlights just coz the past history of our country. This place is extremely beautiful and stunning to the view. Everyone wants to visit this once in a life. 

10. Kerala - If there is heaven on Earth then Kerala is the only place as it is also known as God's own country. There is the real beauty of nature like lush greenery, beautiful mountains and stunning silver waterfalls which make this place unique in this world.  Kerala is the most romantic place and perfect tour package. Everybody should visit this place once in a lifetime.

India is without a doubt one in all the most geographically diverse countries within the world and would build a fantastic honeymoon destination.

From the Himalayas in the north to the sun-kissed beaches of the south, from massive cities to very little villages and from straightforward backpacker guesthouses to hotels suitable royalty, India’s got it all covered. Start with some real adventure exploring Buddhist monasteries within the high desert city of Leh in Ladakh surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Himalaya Mountains. Spend whereas it slow your time} travelling through the mountain villages of Himachal Pradesh or drive an old Royal Enfield on the mountain roads while loving the jaw-dropping scenery. Visit temples, eat wonderful food and move with the friendly locals. Jingo Holidays provide the best offer on honeymoon destinations.
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