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Bollywood with Slum Tour


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Known to many as ‘one of the most important slums in Asia’, we choose to think about Dharavi as Mumbai’s beating heart. It houses regarding one million of Mumbai’s inhabitants and its industries have an annual turnover of approximately US$ 665 million. Take a look of people and their life to explore one of the world's largest slums, the Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, with a dedicated guide. Book Bollywood with Slum Tour packages at low price - Jingo Holidays.

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Home to nearly one million people, Mumbai’s Dharavi district has the dubious honor of being the largest slum in Asia. This tour aims to break the negative stereotype associated with the slum. Put aside your initial apprehensions and discover a place that’s alive with small scale industries and high community spirit. See why Dharavi is the heart of small scale industry in Mumbai. Experience a wide range of activities such as recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, soap-making and leather tanning. Most of these things are created in innovative ways and in very confined spaces. When passing through the residential spaces, you will feel the sense of community and spirit that exists in the area. People from all over India live in Dharavi, and this diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques and churches that stand here side by side. A tour through Dharavi’s narrow alleys is quite an adventure, and you will leave with an enlightened sense of the purpose and determination that exists in the area. After your walking tour of the Dharavi slums, see the glamorous side of Mumbai as you drive past the homes of famous screen stars of the Bollywood film industry. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant, then get a behind the scenes glimpse of Bollywood film-making. You will be taken onto a movie set to witness filming and be given exciting insight into the mechanics of the largest film industry in the world.

You will be escorted through a specially-created studio for an intimate look behind the scenes at technicians at work. You may even get the chance to peek inside a film star’s makeup room, and pose for souvenir snapshots with some Bollywood stars of today. Next, you will step out to a dance show based on infamous routines from Bollywood films. Traditions from formal and folk Indian fuse with Middle Eastern techniques to produce entrancing Bollywood dances with a unique and energetic style. The talented dancers will perform 5 Bollywood routines for the audience, and then you will have the opportunity to try it yourself! Followed by post production visit to a dubbing and music studio where you get a chance to see technical things, you will also see VFX video observe how visual effects are created in Bollywood movies. Then, relax on a tour past the homes of famous Bollywood stars in exclusive areas of Mumbai, before taking your transport back to your desired drop off point.

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