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Chandigarh sightseeing tour

Chandigarh Sightseeing Tour

Rose Garden - Sukhna Lake - Rock Garden

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Chandigarh is known for its architecture and designs also one of the ‘Wealthiest towns’ in India. It is the capital of both the state Punjab and Haryana states. Chandigarh city consists of themed gardens which attract the tourists. Museum for pre-historic evidence also contributes the knowledge to the tourist. Shopping in Chandigarh is affordable in the streets and anything will be bought as souvenirs. Phulkari is popular in Chandigarh; it's a type of embroidery, wide range of Phulkari merchandise are lined up within the shops from the cushion covers to the carpets etc. Chandigarh is safe to venture out at night. Varieties of bars and clubs attract more tourists, especially when the nightlife is safe around here. Book Chandigarh sightseeing tour with Jingo Holidays.

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Visit Rose Garden which is Asia's largest garden. It contains more than 17000 species of plants and over 16000 varieties of roses. Rose Garden additionally hosts an annual rose festival or competition of garden within the month of February or March.
Next, you'll go to Sukhna Lake is a beautiful lake that lies in the foothills of the Shivalik range.The unique issue regarding Sukhna is that it's a man-made lake. This place is for enjoying the cool breeze and the beauty of nature. After that visit Museum and art gallery, a place that houses magnificent Gandhara period stone sculptures, Hindu sculpture, Miniature Paintings, Decorative arts, and coins. The credit for the fantastic designing of this museum goes to Le Corbusier.
Later we'll take you to the Rock Garden, The name refers to a sculpture garden located near Sukhna Lake. The rock garden is additionally known by the name Nek Chand’s rock garden after its founder. Nek Chand was a former government official who started cultivating this garden secretly in his spare time. He kept it hidden from the govt. authorities for 18 years, till 1975.The garden features several interlinked causeways that run along the waterfalls of the Sukhna Lake and is landscaped with pottery and sculptures of dancers, animals, and musicians.

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