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10 Amazing Trips You Can Take In India Under Rs. 5000

10 amazing trips

"Traveling is never a matter of Money but of courage". This statement is actually apt and appropriate as travelling gives us a lesson in our life, it is something like exploring yourself. Travel is like which makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there is always more to learn and expand your life. There is so many travel agency in Delhi which provides packages with their best rate as well but they forget about your budget. They actually have no idea about your pocket that how much you can spend with your budget but now you have a ray of hope for this. We offer you the best deals, make you choose from the best and the cheapest expenses. We are providing tour packages according to your budget and tour plans. You just need a curious and travelling mind, a willing heart and about just Rs. 5,000 to explore the most beautiful destinations in India. We know that you are not even ready to believe in this, so We have mentioned a list of places which you can visit under Rupees 5,000.

List of 10 Amazing Trips You Can Take In India Under Rs. 5000

1. Jaipur -  Jaipur is one of the famous city of India due to its past history. It is also known as Pink city. It is the capital of Rajasthan State. This walled city is famous for its different culture that you should not miss ever. From fort and Haveli s to every traditional delicacy, this city shares its stronghold with its past. The heritage of the Jaipur is explained by its wonderful architecture. Jaipur tour is a perfect option to visit with minimum cost.

2. Rishikesh -  If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful mountain to stay and feel the nature's beauty then Rishikesh which is located in Uttarakhand state is the best place for you. It is also famous a yoga class as it is a capital of world yoga.

3. Daman and Diu -  Daman & Diu are the seaside locations near Gujarat in Arthe Arabian Sea. Tourist attractions in Daman & Diu are comprised of picturesque sun-bathed beaches, colonial forts, and renowned churches. It is the most visited tourist attraction in Gujarat.

4. Manali -  Manali is a town which is located in Himachal Pradesh. Manali has been always very popular destination not only in our country but also worldwide as it is the first choice for honeymooners who look for cheapest Manali tour packages to experience the beauty of nature and calmness.

5. Kasauli -  If you want to spend your vacations around the beautiful and hilly mountain with a picturesque view. Kasauli is a beautiful hill station. you can visit Kasauli with cost-effectively by train from Delhi to Kalka then book a shared taxi from there to Kasauli. 

6. Mcleod Ganj -  If you are from local Delhi and want to get away from Delhi to some nearby location then Mcleod Ganj is a great option to visit and explore this beautiful and stunning place with minimum cost.

7. Kodaikanal -  Kodaikanal is one of the most beautiful hill stations in south India. Kodaikanal is a must visit for a peaceful and nature's view in the stunning western ghats. It has much more to explore and discover yourself with lush greenery of south India.

8. Goa -  Goa is no doubt one of the most favourite holiday destinations of India. Goa is always the first choice for every traveller. Beaches are the main key of attraction in Goa, but it doesn't mean Goa is only a place of beach and churches but it's a feeling that defines so many thrills in the most amazing way.

9. Darjeeling - If you are a tea lover and actually want to see the tea plantation then Darjeeling is a must visit place for you. There is various type of tea's available. It is located in the state of West Bengal.

10. Agra - Agra- The City of Taj. Agra is a city which is widely famous for the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is the main key to attraction in Taj Mahal. Many tourists come to India for the purpose of visiting Taj Mahal. Agra has also so many historical monuments with beautiful architecture work. We are one of the best trip adviser in India Follow us – Jingo Holidays.

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