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5 Best Things to Do in India

Best things to do in India

India is the heart of thrill, excitement, and glorious breathtaking sights that attract lots of people from across the globe.  India is world famous for its natural beauty, ancient monuments, hundreds of world heritage sites and its widespread tradition and culture. That’s why India is the country which provides the tourists with complete fun and frolic during holidays or weekends.

1. Pranatha Street, New Delhi


Parantha is the ancient and the most prominent dish in India. If you wish to have a tasty Paratha filled with spicy potatoes with cheese and flavoured with mint, cashews and more of mixes, you must visit the famous food lane located in Old Delhi at the middle of Chandni Chowk Market. To reach there, you just need to take Metro to Chandni Chowk and head to the east until you reach the alley. By following the alley you will enter the street with a lane of restaurants serving the hot delicious Parantha with Coconut & Mint flavoured Chatni.

2. Akshardham Temple, Delhi


The most prominent and ancient Akshardham Temple located the bank of river Yamuna. This is the temple massively constructed from the carvings of several thousand sculptures and prominent artisans. Nice eye-catching designs blow the visitors away with its unique and otherworldly architecture.  All its pillars to the walls and domed high ceilings extremely enchant the tourists and describe the whole religious history of traditional Hinduism of Ancient India.  An hour before the sunset is the best time to visit and explore the beauty of the Akshardham Temple.

3. Raj Mandir Cinema Hall, Jaipur

Raj Mandir

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall located in Jaipur is the most prominent place to shoot most of Bollywood films. It was officially opened in 1976 and took many years long to get constructed. Pastel-coloured shaded interiors, fabulous and spacious theatre, comfy cushion seats and lively atmosphere make the tourists feel as if they were attending a movie premiere. Once after thoroughly visiting the Raj Mandir Cinema, you can head to 2 minutes walk from MI road to reach the eateries to have a creamy, most delicious and pure Jaipur Lassi.

4. Ranakpur Jain Temple


The most famous Ranakpur Jain Temple would be the remarkable place of your India tour. The temple is located at the small village, named Ranakpur with widespread love and peace everywhere and lying in the main route from Jodhpur to Udaipur. The temple was constructed back to the 15 century, still, its glory, architecture, and interiors attract lots of tourists travelling in India. The amazing fact that it is supported by more than 1500 distinct carved pillars. Therefore, we as a prominent travel guide, recommend that travelers must visit the prominent and the most beautiful Ranakpur Jain Temple and spend fewer bits of a moment in this village to explore more about its history to get amazed.

5. Natraj Dining Hall, Udaipur
Natraj Dining Hall Udaipur

You can’t complete your journey if you miss the delicious meal at Natraj Dining Hall in Udaipur. Indian food is world famous and even foreigners are also crazy about “Indian Thali” with delicious vegetables, Dal, Rice, Chatni, Pickles, and the soft chapati. If you are travelling at the nearby places of Udaipur and feeling some bit of hunger, welcome to Natraj Dining Hall in Unadipur and order for a clean and healthy “India Thali” and enjoy a balanced diet. The prominent Natraj restaurant is located in Bapu Bazar at 500 meters away from the City Palace. Hope, you wouldn’t be the part of the queue. But once you get the table, you will surely enjoy the remarkable and mouthwatering meal as well.


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